4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Extra Inviting

It’s November, and here in the mountains of New Hampshire that means it’s high time to get our homes cozy and ready for the holiday season! If you are the host/hostess with the mostess, you know that creating a welcoming environment for your guests is top priority when entertaining! The simplest gathering will be remembered fondly if your guests felt at ease and comfortable in your home.

So, today we’re sharing our favorite 4 ways to make your home feel extra inviting for the holiday season!

  1. Scent sets the mood. When guests enter your home, scent is one of the most powerful senses that can make them feel welcome and excited. Of course, we never advocate for going over the top with fragrances (especially around food!), but a nice warm scent can really set the tone from their first step into your space. (Our Holiday Collection has some really great scents and candles!)
  2. Good lighting makes a difference. The power of lighting really can’t be undersold. Soft lighting makes everyone look good, creates a warm vibe and also sets the tone for a relaxed evening. Avoid overhead lights when you can. Utilize lamps with warm bulbs. Candles are your friends! But keep them unscented around food and be sure to keep them at a safe distance away from any possibility of being knocked over.
  3. Create a few “Self Serve” areas. I’m sure you can relate to being in a friend’s home and not being sure where the restroom is or where the cups or silverware are. Creating a few ‘stations’ that help your guests help themselves will make them feel cared for and reduce any awkward questions they might feel unsure about bringing up. In the restroom, keep a box of toiletries and feminine products readily available. Create a water station with a cute pitcher and glasses already out in the kitchen. Go the extra mile with slippers or cozy socks to offer if you have a no-shoes household!
  4. Anticipate your guests' needs. A great host puts their guests at ease. To us, that means cutting down any possible confusion for guests. Where should they put their coats? What’s the wifi password? Are there coasters for the coffee table? Having things easily accessible, in clear sight, and ready to go will put your guests at ease.

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