Aesthetic Holiday Gift Guides (Witchy, Dark Academia, Cottage Core Gift Ideas!)

Ok y'all! Thanksgiving is over, so let's talk gifts! Gift giving is definitely our love language and we're here to help you be the Leslie-Knope level gift giver we know you can be!
For 2022, we wanted to put together some fun gift guides and ideas based on some of our favorite aesthetics. From Witchy to Cottage Core, we've got you covered! Explore some of our favorite items in the shop below. 
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Witchy Vibes

For that person you know who keeps and collects every empty jar, cleanses with sage, and has an apartment full of plants. These will make the perfect gift for any witchy space!

Dark Academia

This is totally a new aesthetic that we've fallen in love with this year! Picture dark, moody spaces, lots of books, scientific meets botanical. There is so much you can do with this style, but start with these:

For the Littles

Why should the kiddos be left out? We always have the best time hunting for ultra stylish baby gear. We love minimalist floral patterns and accessories and, of course, lots of nature inspired decor. If only our lacy-sock-and-bib-dress-wearing younger selves could see us now! 

Cottage Core Forever

If you haven't had a fantasy about living in a cottage in the woods surrounded by flowers, we can't be friends. We love the loose, romantic vibe of this style. Lots of plant & floral inspired pieces, relaxed silhouettes, and slow living. Yes please!

Fur Babies

Don't joke, having fur babies is totally an aesthetic! We are here for all the pet parents out there with some personality packed toys and accessories for your little fluff! 

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