Chrysoprase Surrender Earrings

Chrysoprase Surrender Earrings

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-Chrysoprase is known to be the stone of equalization; it can help restore emotional balance to the body, and assist in aiding any heart centered imbalance. 

-These earrings were created as lockdown began in march of 2020. To me, they were a testament to allowing ourselves to surrender to what is out of our control and finding peace within the chaos. 

-The unknown is unsettling to most, and I wanted to create a pair of earrings that could serve as tangible hope, light, and groundedness. 

-Hammered gold plated brass, gold filled ear wires, wire wrapped chrysoprase.

(NOTE: I pair stones together based on colors- some stones include elements of brown, and the green color ranges from light green to to deep green)


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