Wrigley Dog Bandana

Wrigley Dog Bandana

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The wrigley dog bandana is the coziest unique plaid flannel dog bandana! Feels buttery soft + the colors are out of this world!


M | 18″x18″ Square | 25″ across the diagonal.

L | 21″x21″ Square | 29″ across the diagonal.

NOTE: Sizing may vary depending on stitching, so always allow a little wiggle room in your measurements + a few inches on each end for the knot!

Luck of Tuck tip for hot summer days! * Run bandana under water. * Put bandana in freezer for 1 hour. * Take bandana out of freezer and tie on your lucky charm. * Enjoy the sunshine. Care: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.

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